The construction and strengthen of 0.5 km road completed in Bamiyan Province

National Rural Access Program of Public Works ministry completed the construction and strengthens work of a slip on a section of Kotle Sorkh Abad road along Yakawolang-Bamiyan main road.

Abdul Hamid Mujadedi regional engineer of NRAP/MoPW who was in charge for maintenance of this project regarding to the rehabilitation of this road said:” a section of the road with total length of 0,5 km has been totally damaged due to slip that after requesting of public works ministry this section has been surveyed ,designed and the construction work started by NRAP which fortunately due to the hard efforts of regional engineers of Central highland and the related construction company, the project was completed successfully prior to deadline on September of 2017. Mrs Gulshan Jedi acting gender senior officer of ESM of NRAP/MoPW with coordination with Asifa Fana gender officer of Center highland region has arranged a meeting with women beneficiaries and asked their points of views regarding project benefits. Fatima 22 years a resident of yakawalnag district said that rehabilitation of this project solved locals main difficulties and the dangers that threatened people in the past have now been completely eliminated.

Minagul 45 years said that upon reconstruction of this road facilities have been provided to locals and during the project implementation working opportunities have been provided for some of jobless people.

Meanwhile Kamila 18 years one a student in Yakawalang district said that a part of this road has been totally damaged and while crossing this road we faced many difficulties and risks but through reconstruction of this road the problems have been solved and the pollution also decreased significantly.

It is said that people travel to Daykundi Ghor,Urzgan,Hirat,Sari-Pul and Balkh provinces through this road.

The rehabilitation and consolidation work of 0,5 km road completed with  almost 30 million AFN budget  has been initiated on November of 2016.

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