140 Rm Bridge put in to Service in Kapisa Province by NRAP/MRRD

The construction work of 140 Rm Bridge completed and officially inaugurated by National Rural Access Program of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry in Ese Dowm Kapisa.

The ceremony which was organized for this purpose Eng.Mohammad Naser Temory the executive director of NRAP/MRRD , Wali Mohmmad Baktash head of construction & maintenance Abdul Latif Muradi governor of Kapisa, people representatives, local officials and elders attended the ceremony.

The bridge which constructed with total cost of 49,59 AFN  connected parwan province with Kapisa and benefited almost 12000 person and meanwhile during the construction period 24879 working days have been generated to local jobless people as well.


On December 20, 2017 85 Views