Follow-up Survey Process done successfully

Collaboration of NRAP team has succeeded to complete ARAP Follow up Survey.

The follow up survey has been conducting by National Rural Access Program to assess and evaluate the intermediate impacts of Afghanistan Rural Access Project (ARAP) in 278 villages of 29 provinces of the country.

More than 135 male and female surveyors have been hired from the nine regions for a short period of time to conduct the survey, enter and check the collected data.

The National M&E and Reporting Specialist in National Rural Access Program/National Coordination Unit, Mr.Daryosh Tabesh who has been also a member of process management committee in survey process said that it is the first time that the program took the responsibility to collect the data in 29 provinces of Afghanistan.
Mr. Tabesh said is worthy to mention that the baseline survey of ARAP has been conducted in the beginning of the project during 2012 and the result of follow up survey is going to be compared with the baseline survey result to make sure about the efficiency and effectiveness of the program activities toward achieving Project Development Objectives.

He also expressed his points of view regarding the survey and said that this survey was very important for the program through which comprehensive and reliable information is collected about the program activities and the result will identify the existent problems that will be a lesson learnt for the future.

Furthermore he added that the collected data will be submitted to an external consultancy to analyze the data and portray a comprehensive report which will be publish and disseminate soon.

NRAP believes that these kinds of surveys have positive effects on upcoming activities, projects and plans of the program.

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