Development Projects worth 405 m AFN Inaugurated By NRAP in North Region

Mahmoud Baligh Minister of Public Works Ministry with a delegation of National Rural Access Program during a trip to Balkh Province inaugurated a newly constructed building of National Rural Access Program (NRAP) and three development projects in Balkh and Samangan provinces in North Region.

The above projects cost more than 405 million AFN from World Bank and Japan government fund.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq second deputy of CEO, Engineer Mahmoud Baligh Minister of Public Works Ministry, Mohammad Ishaq Sarwari Acting Governor of Balkh, Mohammad Hashim Zare Governor of Samangan Province, Balkh and Samangan provincial council members, Eng.Besmillah Besmil Program National Coordinator, Mohammad Moneer Shaghasi the executive director of NRAP/MoPW,NRAP provincial officials and local elders.

At the commencement, 13.997 asphalt surface Road from Sayad to Feroz Nakhchur district, Samangan province inaugurated and handed-over to local people by officials.

The proposed road has 13.997 Km length and connected 19 villages of different ethnic inhabitants with total number of beneficiaries’ estimated 20,800 persons who will be benefitting from the improved access as well construction of this sub-project.

Local inhabitants said that construction of this road is a significant step towards rural development and added that there are different types of grapes in the area but people could not transfer it to the markets because of the road bad conditions, but by construction of this road the problem solved entirely.

This road constructed with total budget of 140,210,900 AFN from World Bank budget in period of one year.

Similarly a newly- two-story constructed administration building for the National Rural Access Program (NRAP) was inaugurated in Mazar-e-Sharif city.

The building having 16 rooms was constructed in period of two years at a cost of 23,120,868 AFN provided by the World Bank.

The building would meet the requirement of North Region staff and would prove useful for staff of the program, prior to the construction of this building NRAP team were in rental houses that by operation of this structure the problem solved.

Meanwhile Rehabilitation work of 10+883 Km Ashphalt Surface road from Balkh District to Koday Barq inaugurated and put in to service.

By construction of this road Shlogara,Dehdadi and Chamtal districts of Balkh province and Dare- Suf district of Smanagan province connected to Mazar- Shberghan high way.

The Japan government-funded project cost 185,813,310 AFN and took one year to be completed.

Lastly the construction work of Ali Chopan 1.504 km asphalt surface road and 20 m bridge in east side of Mazar-e-sharif city inaugurated and the construction work officially initiated.

This road will connects passes such as Sahib Zaman, Imam Hasanul Askari, Sadiqya, Islam Abad and 10th district of Mazar-e- sharif city, which creates transport facilities for 54,000.00 residents of mentioned passes and districts.

Total cost of this project is 55,860,577.00 AFN funded by government of Japan and it is expected that the construction work of this project will be complete on 09- Oct- 2017.

During the trip Mahmoud Baligh the minister of Public Works Ministry with accompany team also travel to Tangi Tachqurghan and while visiting of the site he said that Tangi Tachqurghan is a strategic pathway in the northern highway of the country, thus it should be rebuilt fundamentally and an alternative way should be also identified for this pathway.

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